Free Printable A5 2017 Calendar

Hello everyone;

     Recently I'm really into designing calendars, planners, wallpapers, etc. I just found out how to make a calendars in Adobe InDesign and thought I would share with you my first ever calendar and it's  free for sure.
     I like freebies and I like to make free things and see people happy with, so enjoy it!😊

Download Link here 

Have a lovely new year's eve and a HAPPY NEW YEAR

18 Free Christmas Gold printables Wall Art plus a Sheet Of Gift Tags

Hello everyone
       It's almost Christmas 🎄 💃 and I though I would make a free holidays simple gold printable wallpapers.
they are my first prints ever so they might be not perfect 😀
(I'm happy with those emojis glad blogger made that update 💗😍)
Anyways, to download those prints I've made a folder in dropbox where you can find all the prints, and also one sheet of gift tags in gold too.

Happy Holidays

Fall/Autumn Outfit

Fall/Autumn Outfit

Striped shirt

Dorothy Perkins vest

New Look denim jeans
$31 -

Liliana mid calf boots

Forever 21 hand bag

Forever 21 jewelry

Forever 21 jewelry

Silk scarve