A Perfect Day

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Hi again :)

    I'm not posting anything anywhere since awhile, because I have almost no interesting activities :D.

Except; before two weeks or more I photographed my cousin' wedding, and I spend these weeks editing the photos and I did a short montaged- film for them I done of it yesterday and no one watched it yet :D

Anyways, yesterday was a perfect day for reasons and here's part of them ;)
I went to my bestie place Fairooz and YES we spend a PERFECT time, we made a cupcakes together and laughing :P

Below I will insert the photos :)

This is before :D

This is after :) 
The taste of the cake, cream and fruits are so delicious together yummm

And Here are a random shots of yesterday

A frame and picture idea that Fairooz did I like it :)

A corner in her room
Those guys that we both like :D

And That It
Have a nice day

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