Day Full Of Crafting

5:08 PM Sarah Hamid 4 Comments


Yesterday I was busy doing things " Bracelets, Dreamcatcher & Card "
 I will not talk a lot now because there are a lot of Photos here :D " I took the photos with my Nikon and My Sony cellphone" , I'll just leave you with the pictures. Enjoy !

" Card "

I Made it for my Friend Fairooz' Birthday

" Dreamcatcher "

It made also for Fairooz  :)

" Bracelets "

I made five and one of them I gave it to Fairooz

I bring all the materials that I may need and started .... " But this photo taken just after I finished doing them :D "

This on was given to Fairooz

 I guess that's it :) 
B Bye

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