Today's DIY project

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Hiii Guys
      Hope everything going okay !
Today's morning it was so boring and while I was laying in my bed I decided to do something to kill time so I looked around in my room then I figured an idea, SO I opened my closet and took an old black shirt hanging since a year maybe :D and I renewed it, it took 3-4 hours till it's done.

Anyways I don't want to talk a lot ;) here's the photos;

"Before "

It's a cheap shirt that my sister bought for her then she gave it to me because it's tight and my size is smaller than hers

here I just put these small pieces so I know what to do " not sewed"  
This is what at first I decided to do. then ...

"Not sewed "


This is behind the scene :P
I did some mistakes and I fixed as you see :D


Later I added the line above as my sister suggested :)
This photo and the fellowing two photos are taken by my cellphone so you can see the quality ;) 

"And Here the last look of before and after"   

     Thanks every one who visit my blog and read this post.
I will be much appreciated if you left a comment :)

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