DIY Of Last Week

9:59 AM Sarah Hamid 2 Comments

Hello Everyone
As I'm boring so I was doing some crafting from time to time last week, I photographed some. Let's go talk about each one

1- DIY Key Necklace
all You need here is " key of meat can & nail polish of your choice"  later I decided to add the red ribbon.
just polish it and wait till it dry and then Ta Da you can wear it ! 

2- DIY Colorful Keys
You need " your keys & nial polishes"
Polish and wait then USE ;) That's it.

3- DIY Palette Brush
Materials :
* Box " I used cookies box"
* Ribbon
* glue Gun
* Scissors
Now Start :
First put the ribbon on the cover of the box, and leave a little space in the middle between the cover and ribbon so you can get your hand between, as it's shown in the second picture below " I don't know how to explain this in a simple word :D" then cut and glue, That's it
;)  I guess the pictures are clear no need to explain a lot. 

4- DIY pistachio Shells Flower
Now I'm Lazy to talk :D
Watch below

See Ya :)

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