DIY Tree Jewelry Organizer

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Hi again

Yesterday I went to our garden which I often go when I want to photograph something " Our garden is the only nature space I got to photograph :/" but this time I went there without my camera.
I roamed around and I get inspired to do things.
I collected some tree branches, wood and chicken feathers, and I found a small table which is properly made by my grandpa. And I decided to do some DIY with these things.

Anyways here's what I did, I did a tree jewelry organizer.

- tree branches " good shaped "
-  plants pot. " you can use food can maybe or Tomato paste can "
- plants dust or sand.
- digging tool " or even a spoon works"
- any decoration you want.

I gathered dust and put some then I put the tree after that I added the rest of the dust, you can use rock upon the dust so the tree will not falls down. and you can decorate the pot as you wish. I didn't decorate it yet. Now hung your Jewelry and enjoy !

I guess later I will use this tree for something else, if I did, I will post about.

See Ya

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