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Hi guys :)
It's 12:10 pm here and I'm still sleepy ! I was trying to write this post since yesterday but I'm feeling lazy.
I'm listening to " The Lazy Song- Bruno Mars"
Anyways today's post is about my cousin
"Sana" she turned 7 last Thursday, She loves me so do I.
she's a perfect model but when I ask her to shoot her she starts telling me how she want to stand and where and I keep saying no Sana I want... no stand her... and she's not listening.
She likes to smell flowers, act as a princess, walk as a model , change her clothes a lot, wear short skirts but not above her knees or she will be shy to show off, say jokes, talk , and she likes to eat a lot.
Now I'm gonna leave you with some pictures of her.

Thanks for reading
Bye :)

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