How to add a lens flare tutorial (Photoshop CS6)

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Sometimes it's not easy to catch the sun into your shot frame and get the perfect flare, but Photoshop & lens flare feature helping a lot, and you can control the shape, size and brightness of your flare.
I used to use lens flare on my photos," but not lately"  it gives a pretty touch, you only have to put it into the right way (you have to notice the shadow).
So let's get started:

      1-   launch Photoshop and open your photo

   2-  Go to Image>>new>layer or on the very right bottom corner will find a paper on the left of a trash cane 

   3-  press shift+f5 to open fill layer window choose black from the list then OK 


  4- Go to filter menu>Render>Lens Flare

  5-  now you have options of flare shapes, brightness, and a preview window, you can notice a + on the flare, click on it and move it to the position you want. my selection was 50-300mm and brightness 151. then click OK.
  6- To make the flare look more natural, add a little of blur Go to Filter>Blur>Field Blur
   You have three ways to control the amount of blur you prefer. then click OK.
  7- Change blending mode to " screen" , you can also control the opacity, you can find it on the right.

TA DA that's it 

I played a little bit with Curves and Selective color and it turned like the below picture 

I never published this photo because I don't like it, I used it here just for tutorial purposes :)

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