How to be a better photographer !

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We have passion for photography, cameras, and unique things that normal people can't feel and see but we can ! 
Yes, we are photographers ! 
Photographer just like the actors, singer, or artist.. etc, you have to practice more and more ! always practice. 
even professionals keep learning new things and techniques.

10 things you must do as a photographer :

1- Read as much as you can about photography.   
reading is really help, I always read articles about photography, 
even if the subject I already know but I like to read what others think so I might learn something new.

2- Use your favorite photographer as a guide and inspiration
     your favorite artist is always a good thing to get you motivated to be like him/her. roll around his/her gallery focus on the way he/she taking shots, the corner, light used and photo framing. 
never think that you can not get photos like his/hers. remember every professional once was a beginner! 
And sometimes contacting your favorite photographer helps.
 Have someone to support you.  that doesn't mean you have to go and ask someone to support you, no! just find someone you trust and trust his test and show him/her your photo. sometimes people see mistakes on your photos that you can't see. 
 understand your camera. at first I found this a bit hard to understand. Shutter speed, ISO, f-stop, 
white balance, exposure, shutter release, RAW ..etc I found these names really strange and difficult to get them all in mind when shot the picture. but with a few tutorials and experience i got rid on them all. the easiest way to understand them is to start to learn one by one. not just reading an article or watching video tutorial would help,
but with your camera on your hand while you're reading or watching this would let info stuck in your mind and hand.

5- take your camera with you everywhere. when I just bought my camera I was taking it almost everywhere and shoot no matter what in front me. simply shooting and playing with setting helped me to learn. 
6- Never leave your photo without editing.  photos after being captured are "pale" and it's need some color corrections. But you must have your own touch on your photos. 

7- Have your own watermark or copyrights. This would help to give confidence of yourself and your work, and protect your efforts from thieves.T
here're many tutorials you can find about watermark.

8- Never use direct flash, or camera built-in flash for closeup and portrait shots. 
 flash for closeups really burn your object! and for portraits, flash gives you red eye, shadow behind model, flat shot, and hurts model's eyes. personally, I don't recommend camera flash using flash, but for family and events photos when you have no option just flash. otherwise, use natural light "outdoors shots" , or soft box if available, or window lights it's really gives a pretty lightening. 
9- Focus on Focus.  it's a strange phrase I know but you have to focus on the focus of your camera. Wrong focus would definitely ruin your photo and would be useless. take your time to get the right focus then shoot. When you're focused correctly on your object then you're in the save side, because other mistake can be corrected later on software. 

10- Always shoot RAW.  
many of DSLR users don't know or don't use the RAW image format. if you still don't know what it's RAW photo and why to shoot RAW not JEPG. I can give you a simple reason but you still have to Google it and read, the reason to shoot RAW is flexibility! My experience with RAW and JEPG let me realize that no matter what I'll never shoot JEPG. Always Shoot RAW unless you run out of memory!

And this is not all about photography, But hope this was helpful.

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