MY 2014 Photography Goals

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        I'm kinda 10 days late to post this, but I was reading an article of 2014 goals and how to improve your photography everyday and "listing your goals" was one of the ways to improve your photography, And that's where I decided to write this article. So lets get started :

2014 Photography Goals

1- Do 30 Days Project       (DONE)
      Projects always helps me\you to learn new things, techniques, and get used to my\your camera.

2- Learn new Photoshop techniques    ( DONE)
     Many ways to find new techniques, I look for tutorials over and

3- Take a self-portrait once a month    (ALMOST)
     For me I don't like to take selfies, I like to be behind instead of in front of the camera. and this goal set to get rid into my feelings toward self-portrait. I will find myself a good corner with a good lightening into my room and snap shots. so I would end up with 12 photos of me this year.
4- Watch a video tutorial at least once a day   (Kinda)
      Watching a video helps a lot to learn new things and apply the tutorial as soon as you finish watching helps to remember what you learned. 

5- Do a time lapse   (NEVER)  I like time lapse videos and always wanted to do one but never tried and this year I'll do hopefully 
Have A Great Photographing !

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