Last Month Journey Part I

6:03 AM Sarah Hamid 0 Comments

I've been on a vacation for a month in Malaysia with my two brothers and my sister in law
It was the first time I travel alone, it was quite boring 8 hours on flight and I had to pull and sometimes hold two bags " big one 26 kg and small 6 or 9 kg I don't remember" but that's all gone once I saw my little brother waiting for me on the airport.

I dyed my hair into BLOND i don't know what I was thinking, my original hair is kind of black, and it didn't turn nice :( I'm gonna turn it back to dark brown.

My birthday 22, March, came while I was there, and they surprised me with a little birthday party.

I did a photoshoot for my friend Latifa for her shop check her Instagram it was my first photoshoot I do for a real model :D I used to do for dolls :D

On 28, I received a 6 kg package from my fiance full of stuff I love.
some of the stuff were; Nexus 5 phone, Nexus 7 tablet, Sunpak camera flash.

Then, on 29 of March, " my eldest brother and sis in law"  got a baby girl while I was there, SO I have a niece now yaay.

That's it :)

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