How To Get Inspired !

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How to get inspired ?

*photo by  Nelleke  Pieters 

Just take a deep breath and do the following :

Think with yourself " I like photography, but what's my favorite photography type? landscapes? portraits? macro? still life? or other types?where I can find myself within all types of photography ?"

*Photo by  
Brenda Waworga

Go to Google search and type down "photography"then scroll and watch the photos to see what is the type interests you most !

*Photo by  Kendell 

open the picture which attracted you take a deep look on the photo. and ask yourself the following questions:

*Photo by Francesca 
Why I liked that type of photography? what is special about this photo? what does it contain? What lights source been used ? what camera settings could be used? What filters and affects added?For example:

*Photo by Anna Brown 
If we got this photo, let's answer the questions together;I liked that type of photography because I like nature, especially flowers. the special about this photo is the soft pink tone, I like's contain, a group of pretty pink flowers, part of green tree, and the sky. . camera settings properly was +60 shutter speed, ISO 100 ( because there is enough light)it's might used simple color correction with a slight pink tone.

after that get yourself inspired to snap similar shots, go to search again type " flowers photography "  or the type you like 
scroll and watch.

*Photo by Anastasia Ri 

Train your photography eye, this is really important!always watch some photos.

*Photo by  Kim Partridge 
Do this everyday for at least few minutes, and see how your photography eye get better and better !

*Photo by  Anders Nilsson 

try this method : "Copy & Paste "
find a photo you like and try to shot one exactly the same 

*Photo by  Tracy Jones

try over and over. 
it's not stealing someone's else ideas it's just for training your vision to introduce shots similar to the ones you always dreamed of.

*Photo by  Bebe Mozz

I tried this before and I felt great !
 I got into the type of photography I like and some of my shots inspired other people !

*Photo by  Dmitrijus Druteika

Now get inspired!
Grab your camera and get busy !

But first answer in a comment ;
- What's your favorite type of photography?
- How you get inspired?
Share it with us :heart:

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