52 weeks Challenge

1:26 PM Sarah Hamid 0 Comments

For this year (2015) I decided to do something new as well as to get my skills and abilities better and better, So I'm starting a "52 weeks Challenge" But instead of ONE challenge I'm making TWO,

First: 52 Weeks Photography Challenge 

I know myself I can't do 365 days challenge because it would turn so much pressure on me, and I'd turn up not finishing it, so a 52 weeks is much easier, also it's a free scheduled :D
I will be posting weekly photos on my DeviantArt, Instagram, and Facebook.

Second: 52 weeks Cooking Challenge 

  As I'm wife to be so I need to learn recipes as much as I can. In particpate with my sister and my cousin, we will draw one recipe each week.
Most recipes based on an old Arabic (Iraqi) cooking book named " Cooking & nutrition Guide" it's in Arabic but I will translate each week's recipe into English if possible.

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