My 2015 Photography Goals

6:55 PM Sarah Hamid 0 Comments

As last year I posted about 2014 Photography Goals, so now it's a new year with new goals.

Hoping this year my skills would gets better and better.
Here's below my goals/plans;

1- Upgrading My Lenses Kit.   I'm thinking of having Nikkor 50mm 1.8 lens. 
2- 52 Weeks Challenge
Instead of one challenge, I'm doing TWO "52 weeks Challenge" one for cooking and the other for photography.
3- Improve my Food photography skills.    Because I'm doing the "52 weeks Cooking challenge" so I want to take a nice photos for the food I cook. 4- Make a mini studio for macro/food photography.

5- Learn new things about photography

That's all I remember right now ! 

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