Potato & Beef Kufta

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52 Weeks Cooking Challenge

Week 1

Potato & Meat Kufta

- 1 Kg Boiled Potatoes (or as desired )
- 1\2 Kg Ground Beef (about half amount of potatoes)
- 2 eggs
- Onion
- Salt & Black pepper
- Bread Crumbs

1- Fried finely chopped onion then add Ground meat, until turned red add few drops of water and leave on a low heat for few minutes.
2- Mash Potatoes in a large bowel then add, fried onion and meat, and 2 eggs , mix together.
3- add black pepper and salt to taste.
4- Shape the mixture into balls or as desired, crumb them with bread crumbs.
5-  put a lot of sunflower oil in pan over a medium heat, put your Kufta balls and keep your eyes on to do not be burned.
Now it's ready to serve !

It can be served with rice, pasta, or with tomato souse.

The recipe from An Arabic (Iraqi) cooking book "Cooking & nutrition Guide "

Enjoy !

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