Baqlae Rice

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Week 5 

Baqlae (Baqla) Rice 
( Iraqi Food ) 


- 2 cups rice
- 1 cup pealed baqlae
- 1 cup of chopped dill
- Salt ( On taste)
- Vegetarian Oil ( as desired )
- water


1- Wash rice few times, put aside.
2- on a pot put oil over medium heat put dill, baqlae and pinch of salt, stir for a minute.
3- add rice and about 2 cups of water (add more if rice not covered) and salt.
4- after water dry out stir rice a bit and leave for few minuter over low heat and keep around.
5- your baqlae rice is ready to serve immediately. 

* Usually served with yogurt.
*Sometimes baqlae rice cooked with drum stick or meat.
* I like baqlae rice to have more baqlae so next time I'm going to add more than 1 cup.

* below photos are from google , just to show to those who may don't know or never heard of Baqlae and dill.
Baqlae (Baqla)

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