Chicken Gratin

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Week 9

Chicken Gratin

- Chicken breast
- 1 large Potato
- 1 cup chopped spinach
- 2 Tbsp Vegetables Oil (or butter)
- 2 Tbsp Flour
- 2 Tbsp Cream Cheese (optional)
- 2 Cups Milk
- Cheese for topping ( Mozzarella or Cheddar )
- Salt & Black Pepper on taste
- Bread Crumbs
- Lemon juice on taste

1- Cut potato into circles and put them into your oiled oven pan. spread a bit of salt.
2- Chop chicken breast and put into a pan over low heat for a while.
3- Add a bit of black pepper, lemon juice and salt, then add spinach and keep stirring until it become smaller in size, turn off heat and add mixture into your oven pan.
4- For making sauce; In a pot add vegetables oil and flour and stir a bit until mixed add milk and cream cheese and keep stirring till mixture get thicken a bit.
5- Add sauce over your oven pan make sure to cover it all, spread cheese and bread crumbs.
6- Put into a preheated oven, over 180 c degree for 20-25 minutes. taste potato with a knife from time to time so you know when it's ready! Enjoy

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