New Year, New Adventure

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       Days past really fast and 2015 ended perfectly, and here comes 2016 holding many surprises and new things for me, as I started a totally new life recently and I thought I would share it with you. I'm not a good blogger but I'm trying my best with this.

       As some of you know I've been waiting to be reunited with  my boy  "Omar", which last time in 2013 we met. and since then me and my boy got engaged and married and he went back to US as he was living in Chicago, IL  since 2010.
      After that I stayed where I always lived , Baghdad,Iraq. There was up and down days while we are waiting, not with our relationship but it's just '' waiting'' is not something easy but we are strong enough to get through this.

        To get to US, you have to go through a long specific process especially if you're coming from Iraq, which for me the process took more than 2 years.

       And finally the good news coming....
 On one of October days at 5 am, Omar called me, '' you're coming !'' he said '' you're coming on December '' , my feelings at that time can't be described. I couldn't wait to tell everyone.
As I was so excited I started packing my bags since morning that day, my flight delayed about a week from first flight date, but that was okay, I got the chance to see my little brother who's living in Malaysia.

   Anyways the flight day came, 7th of Dec,2015. It was hard to goodbye your beloved people and not easy to leave behind the place you lived in for 25 years, but this is life and some people worth to start over with.

    My flight from Baghdad to Amman was a piece of cake , I stayed overnight in a hotel in Amman,Jordan. Second flight was "13 hour" from Amman to New York, JFK, '' I will soon write a post about it''

   Finally I'm there at JFK, my eyes was scanning around and there I found a handsome man holding flowers looking at me, I push my luggage away and rush to him, and here was the new start of journey.

  As 2015 was passing, we had our first '' new year'' together, and many other "first time" things. I'm happy with how 2015 ended and how 2016 started.

I would like to share some of my 2015 photography, even I didn't shoot much.

Have a nice day !

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