What's in My Carry-on for Long Flight !

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       When having a long-haul flight can be a little challenging on how to survive and reach your destination happy, fresh and ready to start your adventures.
I listed below my "always in my carry-on" things, even there are some that I'm not usually use but I want them to be there whenever I need.
  I  used these points as a check list in " google keep" app and mark packed items, so I will not head to the airport forgetting anything behind.
Now check yours...

What's In My Carry-on/ Handbag:

A) Important

  • Documents: Passport,tickets, money, credit & debit cards, etc

B) Comfort

  • Blanket: a small, light and soft blanket helps to keep you warm and enjoy your sleep. some airlines provide new blankets check your airlines to make sure, to avoid bringing something you will not need and to save place in your carry-on.
  • Pillow: a neck pillow or small flat pillow helps your head not to sleep on hard surfaces and suffering a neck pain, some airlines gives each passenger a flat pillow, it's not quite comfortable but better than nothing.

  • Warm Socks: Overnight flights gets so cold, so thick " winter" socks keeps your feet warm all the time. My feet is so easy to turn blue. consider taking cloves too if you feel you will need, I'm  thinking of taking one on my next flight on Dec.

  • Eye Mask: For overnight flight the light of the plane will dim, but you will need it when it's sunny out there and windows open.
  • Ear Plugs: you may need those if the plane was noisy or kids crying, that's help to have some peaceful sleep, you can use headphone for the same purpose.

  • Long Jacket: I prefer to have a long jacket when it gets cold in plane and 1 blanket not enough, also I wear in airports while I'm waiting for my flights. jacket can be used as extra pillow too. if you're heading to a cold place, heavy jacket will keep you warm. if you going to hot or warm place you don't have a heavy thing, a summer jacket is perfect.

  • Sunglasses:  you will need this if you are heading to a sunny hot weather.

C) Entertainment

  • Devices: cellphone/smartphone , Tablet, Laptop and camera. All fully charged.

  • Chargers and USBs: you'll need your devices chargers , and USB cables, to charge in airport or plane " some planes have USB port or Power outlet.

  • Power Bank:  if applicable " if you feel that your phone will not survive a long flight or the plane don't have a USB port or Power outlet, so you may consider to have a power bank. In my last 13 hours flight I didn't need it because I spent most of the time watching movies and didn't use my phone much.

  • Headphones: you'll need those to listen to music, watch movies, or playing games, because you don't want to annoy sleeping passengers around you, don't you ! also it works as ear plugs.

  • A Book  If you are a book fan so a small can help you to kill time in flight, but an e-book is much easier to be read if it's a night flight, also to save some space and weight in your bag.

  • A pen and papers: You may need to write down something, or you just feel you want to scratch down something. or you kind of person who write down his dairies , so you will need your journal/ notebook, make sure it's not heavy.

D) Toiletries

  • Toothbrush and toothpasteIf you kind of person who brush after each meal, you feel you need to fresh your breathe, or you're going to meet someone just after you reach, you can bring a little toothbrush ( or your own) and a little toothpaste, make sure your toothpaste is less than 100 ml / 3.4 oz. check if your carrier provide those. I got a toothpaste from a hotel at the airport where I were staying before my overnight flight and it was pretty useful.

  •  WipesThese are so important, you will need them at anytime, to clean your hand, your tray table, your seat or you clothes. and you may use it to keep your skin wet if you don't have cream in your bag.

  • Tissue: these are important too, if you forgot to bring some don't worry you can ask steward or you can get from bathroom. but better to bring from home because sometimes after hours you'll find  plane bathroom runs out of tissue. " It happened with me"

  •  Facial mist spray: it helps make your face skin wet without needing to go to bathroom to wash your face, it also brighten and freshen your face. you can buy it from any beauty stores or you can make your own spray by just mixing few drops of rose water with drinking water in a small spray bottle, make sure it's less than 100 ml/ 3.4 oz.

  • Skin/Body Cream: to keep your skin hydrated. it should be less than 100 ml/ 3.4 oz.

  • Lip Stick/ Lip Balm: to hydrate your lips and re-freshen your look before you reach your destination.

  • Eyeliner:I always bring a small eyeliner pencil, because don't know how I end up having no eyeliner in my eyes after 8 hours flight.

  • Purse Size Shadow Palette: I usually only use eyeliner when I travel but sometimes after a long flight my face looks so tired so this would help to make me feel good and new again, and you may need if you have someone to meet after you reach your destination.

  • Hair Clips, Bands, Pins, Claw I usually have extra of these in my bag, in case I get my claw broke or a clip, pin fall somehow or just needed to change your hair style.

  • Hair comp: Sometimes after a while or sleeping for sometime you will find your hair missed up so small hair comp will help, some airplanes provide it for each passenger.

  • Sewing/ Safety Pins: few extra pins would help in case any thing happened to your clothes or bag or anything. or for girls who wear hijab " head scarf" those things most needed.

  • Pain relief : In case you get headache or neck pain, take 1-2 bills will be enough.

E) Snacks

  •  Snacks: few snacks to eat when ever you feel hungry, bored or when you plane food wasn't good enough. you can bring dried fruits, apple, potato chips, granola bars, almond, pistachio, biscuit or cookies. or any healthy snacks. My last 13 hours flight I bought a 6" sandwich from airport to eat during the flight.

  • GumIt's helpful to chew when plane landing and taking off to avoid having your ear pop because of changing in pressure. and it also helps refresh your breath.

F) Misc

  • Women Pads: pack 1 or 2 of pads.

  • Plastic Bag: bring 1-2 Plastic bag for several uses, like, to use as trash can, to vomit in (happen sometimes), to trash your pad and throw in bathroom trash can, etc.

  • Extra Tote Bag: I always pack extra tote bag in case of overweight checked luggage or something happened to my handbag. Tote bag can be fold up and take small space.

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