My Etsy Shop (Jory) Now Open !

10:42 AM Sarah Hamid 0 Comments

Hi everyone all around the world!

   I'm happy to announce that I've recently opened my own shop on Etsy YAAAY, it's about wedding flowers like bouquets, boutonnieres and more.
I have only few listing so far and more coming up as I'm still making.
I love flowers, who's not? I've always loved to have flowers around me but on May 2016 I've worked with flowers for my wedding ( my bouquet, boutonieres and centerpieces) I've done them all by myself and I really liked working on flowers, even I didn't get much time to get creative with flowers but they turned pretty.


I wanted to name the shop as "Jory" only but Etsy said it's already taken so this is what I came up with this.

Here are some photos of my products

Please check my shop and leave a feedback here in comments, say anything !

Have a good day lovelies!

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